Our Story

Who is Chef Will?

William Gonzalez has been cooking up healthy meals for families over the last 12 years.  After starting in the restaurant business, training under some of the best chefs, Will transitioned to the private school sector, redeveloping lunch programs to bring healthier, tastier meals to children.  Based on his successful transformations of these programs, parents began to inquire about meals for their families. 

Artisanal Taste Meals was born.  

A culinary artist at heart, Will’s creativity, attention to detail and focus on high quality ingredients create delectable flavor combinations that keep customers coming back for more.  Though thriving for the last two years, Chef Will was looking to expand his footprint and his concept …

Who is Allison?

After 20 years in fashion retail, Allison Slater understood the challenges of eating healthy during the busy day.  Once she finally established a meal prep routine, she saw an immediate difference in her health and energy levels.  Allison left the corporate world to combine her retail experience, meal prep routine and passion for cooking to help people solve their own “lunchtime dilemma”. 

Lunchbox on Main was born.

Allison’s unique lunch concept and meal combinations provided customers with a convenient way to enjoy fresh, healthy meals at home. With a community customer base growing, Allison looked for a way to expand and provide more variety for her customers…

A Match Made in the Kitchen!

Will and Allison met in a commercial kitchen, and discovered their mutual passion for providing healthy meals and delicious flavors, along with being environmentally conscious and sourcing locally when possible.  They knew instantly that, together, they could create a local boutique meal service with a fresh approach and bring a variety of meals direct to people in their community, at home or at work.