When do I have to place my order? 
* Thursday by 3pm- for delivery or pick up the following Monday & Thursday

When should I expect my delivery? 
* Monday & Thursday by 5PM. You’ll receive email & text notification upon delivery. 
Delivery fees may apply.

Where can I pickup my order? 
* Dish Kitchen, 19 Green Ave Madison (Monday & Thursday 8-12 or 3-6)
* 908 Athletics Westfield
* 908 Athletics Berkeley Heights

What is a green fee? 
* This fee supports our mission & efforts to be a sustainable, responsible brand.  
* This fee is added on to delivery fees.

What are the delivery fees? 
* Local delivery in Chatham & Madison is free (only green fee is applied).    
* Delivery fees are incremental based on distance.

How do I reheat my dishes?
* Refer to Reheating Instructions under "MENU"

How do I compost my packaging?
* Sign up directly with our partner, Java's Compost. OR
* Compile containers in your delivery bag, leave them outside on your next delivery day, we will retrieve them and dispose of them properly.  We will do this every Monday & Thursday when you place an order.  

How do I purchase Uba and Ukonserve product?
* Click here! Uba
* Click here! Ukonserve