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Food Packaging & the Impact On the Environment

Food Packaging & the Impact On the Environment

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Remember!  Take A Break From Work This Weekend!

Remember! Take A Break From Work This Weekend!

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    May 19 2021 – Allison Slater


    Ordering from us regularly?  Don't forget to compost your containers!  How? 1. We'll pick them up!  Simply leave them out on your next delivery day. 2. Sign up for residential service with Java's Compost.  Use code "dishsave" for 50% off your set up! 3. Drop off at our kitchen.  Monday/Thursday 3-6 during pick up hours. Learn more about the environmental...

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  • It's National Women's Health Week!

    May 11 2021 – Allison Slater

    It's National Women's Health Week!

    Life gets busy, and we often get distracted and forget to take care of ourselves.  Women's health week is a reminder to make our health a priority.  Eating well-balanced meals, staying active, getting enough sleep and managing our stress are just some of the actions we can take to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Want to learn more? US Department of Health...

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  • Mindful Eating & Balanced Meals

    May 05 2021 – Allison Slater

    Mindful Eating & Balanced Meals

    Life is busy, and we often have inadequate time to meal prep/plan.  When we do reach for food, we're not always aware of what we're eating.  Mindful eating means paying full attention to your food- what you buy, how you prepare it and how you consume it.  Learn more!Mindful EatingPreparing balanced meals that include protein, vegetables/fruits and complex carbohydrates are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. ...

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  • How To Eat Healthy While Working From Home

    April 28 2021 – Allison Slater

    How To Eat Healthy While Working From Home

    During the pandemic, many have struggled to find balance in their day and remind themselves to maintain healthy eating habits.  Here are 10 tips that can help!   Eating Healthy & Working at Home   

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  • Sustainable Take Out Packaging

    April 22 2021 – Allison Slater

    Sustainable Take Out Packaging

    With take out & delivery on the rise, the impact to the environment is increasingly at risk every day.   dish uses 100% BPI Compostable packaging to ensure that it is disposed of properly with our partners at Java's Compost.  Our long term mission is operate solely with reusable containers.... we have only just begun! Learn More! Use Reusables!

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